The Fetlar (Birdwatching) Tour

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Fetlar: the 'Garden of Shetland'
   The island itself has a population of around 80 people, and is the chosen breeding-ground for three types of rare bird - the Red-Necked Phalarope, the Red-Throated Diver, and the Whimbrel.
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   During our tour of Fetlar we'll visit Bobby Tulloch's famous bird hide, the Loch of Funzie, and Tresta Beach, where we'll see all three of these breeds - as well as many others (such as the Skua or 'Bonxie').

   We may even be fortunate enough to catch sight of otters, whales or dolphins along the way.
   Lunch at the Seaview Cafe, Houbie, is provided as part of your tour. We'll also call in at the Fetlar Interpretive Centre at Houbie Beach, to delve into Fetlar's fascinating history.
   Channel 4 TV's Time Team visited Fetlar during August 2002, to film the excavations at the Giant's Grave and at a suspected Viking longhouse. Finds included the largest steatite (soapstone) vessel discovered to date - so large that it has had to remain at the Fetlar Interpretive Centre.

   The televison programme was broadcast on
Sunday January 26th 2003, at 5:30 pm.

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