The Unst Solar Annular Eclipse Tour

- Solar Eclipse Announcement -
Residents of the whole of the United Kingdom were able to witness an impressive solar eclipse at the end of May 2003.

The eclipse occurred at 03:48 GMT (04:48 BST) on May 31st, roughly one hour after sunrise - and ended at approximately 04:47 GMT (05:47 BST), as the Sun just moved clear of the Moon's shadow.

The Sun and the Moon were very close together in the sky for most of May 30th and 31st.
Click to see through darkened glass

    The weather was chilly but fine on the morning of May 31st, and we were treated to the sight of a glorious sunrise. We'd arrived at Lamba Ness (the chosen viewing-site) a little early - but the patience of our party of eight was rewarded by a fairly clear view of the development of the eclipse.

    A bank of low cloud hid the actual totality and the remainder of the eclipse from sight - but much of the development occurred in a clear patch of sky, and showed up well through our various viewing-devices. The animation on the left shows the sun being progressively 'squashed' from the right as it begins to pass behind the moon.

    BBC Radio Shetland's reporter interviewed Nicole, Robert and Judith - three of our tour guests - to hear their impressions of the event.

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