- The Unst Tours -

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- The Unst Tour -

The Unst tour includes a visit to Britain's Most Northerly Post Office (closed on Sundays), the Unst Bus Shelter and Skaw Beach, and six other attractions from the following list:

- Muckle Flugga Lighthouse (view) - Muness Castle -

- Unst Heritage Centre - Unst Boat Haven -

- The Keen of Hamar -
Hermaness Visitor Centre -

- Underhoull (Broch and Viking Longhouse Site) -

- Standing Stones (at Uyeasound & Bordastubble) -

- Hagdale Horse Mill -

- Valhalla Brewery - Foord's Chocolates -

- Norwick Beach - Lund Kirk and Kirkyard -

Our lunch stop will be the tour guest's choice.

Other occasional Unst tour attractions will be The Viking Unst
Project, Unst Farmer's Market, and the Unst Show (in August).

Other details of these attractions can be supplied on
request – please call me.