The Archaeology Tour

We depart from Lerwick and head south to Clickimin Broch. This settlement dates from approximately 700 BC - 500/600 AD and is located on the outskirts of Lerwick.
Catpund Quarry

Catpund Quarry, located on the main road south of Cunningsburgh, is a perfect example of a Viking soapstone (steatite) quarry.

Mousa Broch

The tiny island of Mousa lies just off the coast of Sandwick. Weather permitting, we can take Tom Jamieson's ferry across to the island, and visit Mousa Broch, the UK's finest and most complete example of an Iron Age broch.
To add to the enjoyment, Mousa also has a large seal colony, and a variety of breeding birds including storm petrels and great skuas.

Jarlshof Prehistoric Settlement

... was discovered by chance at the end of the 19th century, when a major storm exposed part of its buried structure. This impressive site shows just how attractive Shetland was to settlers as far back as 3000 BC.
The tour takes you through the Bronze Age, Iron Age, the Pictish Era,the Norse Era and the Middle Ages.

Old Scatness Broch and Environs

The latest and most exciting Shetland archaeological site yet to be discovered is located about one mile from the Jarlshof Settlement, close to Sumburgh Airport.

Old Scatness Broch and Environs is proving to be a treasure-house of valuable information: so far, twenty-three buildings have been excavated and thousands of finds discovered, some of them quite unique. 2003 saw the last phase of excavation; 2005/6 saw the consolidation of the buildings on the site.

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Mousa Broch: Mousa Broch

Click here to look down inside Mousa Broch
Click here to see the external view of Mousa Broch.
Click here to look straight down  inside Mousa Broch.
Scatness: The archaeological dig at Scatness

Click to see the reconstructed wheelhouse
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Click to see the reconstructed  Pictish forge


The Jarlshof Settlement

The Jarlshof Settlement Workings - click to see an animation
The Jarlshof Settlement Wheelhouses, external views - click to see an animation
The Jarlshof Settlement Wheelhouses, interrnal views - click to see an animation
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