Scenic Shetland

   Looking upwards, from inside Mousa Broch.

  Burra Firth, Unst, viewed from Saxa Vord, with Ronas Hill in the distance.

  Sunset out da Westside.   The cliffs of Eshaness, Northmavine (the local name for 'North Mainland'), with Muckle Ossa in the distance.   Sunset reflecting in Bressay Marina.
  Burra Firth and Hermaness Hill, on Unst.   My 'beautiful beast'; with Scousburgh Sands in the background, on the South Mainland. Click to see an up-to-date shot.   Skaw Beach, Unst
Westside sunset.   St Ninian's Isle and tombolo, viewed from Mossy Hill on the South Mainland.   Northerly sunset, viewed from Lerwick.

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